America Arts Research Institute

About Us

Sponsored by more than 100 artists living in the USA, supported by Masters TING Shaokuang and leaders of China Artists Association (CAA), the AMERICA ARTS RESEARCH INSTITUTE was founded on August 8th, 1999 in Los Angeles, USA. The Masters TING Shaokuang and LIU Dawei are current honorary presidents and Professor YANG Jianli is the executive president of the Institute. There are more than 500 people affiliated with the institute, including academics, professors, researchers, and first-class artists.

Since 2015, it’s a nonprofit organization (38-3954932).

Since established, the institute has held eight world top-level major Painting and Calligraphy Exhibitions for Chinese and American masters and over 250 other group and individual exhibitions for art masters including Ting Shaokuang and Liu Dawei as well as series exhibitions such as “Same Root, Various Splendor”.  The institute has attracted more and more attention and gained more international reputation.

AMERICA ARTS RESEARCH INSTITUTE’s headquarter is in Los Angeles. It has divisions of planning and show, creation and communication, financing and marketing. It has branches in San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, etc. In China, it has more than forty’s creation bases (with Oversea Ethnic Chinese Young Root-Finding Bases)  branches; in other countries and areas, it has branches in Canada, Philippines, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, etc. The establishment of the Singapore branch, Branch Malaysia, Indonesia, and six European countries Branch is on the way.

In respect to art innovation, our institute emphasizes communication between American and Chinese Artists and exploration of Eastern and Western culture since the beginning. For instance, our institute advocates depicting the American landscape with Chinese painting methods and painting the Chinese landscape with Western oil painting materials.

Professor YANG Jianli, executive president of AMERICA ARTS RESEARCH INSTITUTE said: “We are aimed at promoting traditional Chinese culture, building a platform for peers who are dedicated to art career to communicate and marketing. To better participating in the communication with artists from the entire world, we open door to every artist and serve for artists. We warmly welcome professional artists to join us.