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Love&Peace Exhibition at the Chinese American Museum

Love and Peace: An Exhibition from the Chinese American Artists Association—A Community Gallery explores the artistic influence of Western and Eastern styles of art within Chinese communities around the world. Traditional methods of Chinese painting and calligraphy are on display along with works that are inspired by, incorporate and/or adopt Western techniques.

This exhibit is made possible by the Chinese American Artists Association, AC Arts, American Arts Research Institute, American Chinese Painting Institute, Preparatory Office of the American Global Arts Museum, Da Feng Hall (USA), LA Web Cultural Center, University of the West, and the Golden Maple Art Investment.

The Chinese American Artists Association (CAAA), along with AC Arts, America Arts Research Institute, and the America Chinese Painting Institute, was founded in 1999 in Los Angeles.  CAAA sponsors over 100 artists living in the United States and is supported by Masters Ting Shaokuang and Liu Dawei.  Since it was established, CAAA hosted over 10 Chinese American Famous Artists Exhibition and over 300 exhibits and activities based on the series “Same Root, Various Splendors,” “Love and Peace,” and “Embraced China.”

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