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Qian, Zifen

Zifen Qian
Zifen Qian is an internationally known artist who combines eastern and western cultures in his paintings. He graduated from Shanghai Normal University and Portland State University with MFA a terminal degree of visual arts. He has taught art in Pacific Northwest College of Art and Portland State University. He has been elected as President of the Northwest Chinese Artists Association in the 1990s. He currently is an Adjunct Professor of Art & Design College of Shanghai Institute of Technology, Art Research Specialist of Shanghai Culture & Artwork Research Institute, and Vice President of America Arts Research Institute in the United States.

Zifen Qian’s paintings have been selected into the official Shanghai Fine Arts Exhibition and Across East China National Painting Exhibition at his early ages. He had numerous solo and group exhibitions in the United States and other countries. He has created a great number of paintings to be published through greeting card publishing company in the US with over hundred million copies being distributed around the world in the past two decades. Oregon Senate and House of Representatives, museums, universities, large corporations, and private collectors have acquired his original paintings. His profile has been listed in, 8 times in American editions and 12 times in American editions.